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Thursday, March 29, 2012

rant off Dem Now...rastahrian rage reviscerestoration

Hypocrisy of the highly honkie I.volved and involuted
Caucasion coorosiv corruptt capititleism....iss hard not
to be furious as I watch.....witness today the death or
Kenneth Chamberlain Senior at the plains of Whitemess
privilege Protection p'lice....the Tony Baloney boys with
bazooka body armor.....Reichian ....armored to the gills
rage....and Y.Chromsome dys.diss.disease....and iss eezie
peezie to look away.
Us 36 llamed vav we are the Cassandrans chroniclers for the Time Capsule.
This is what iss like at 012.....as the Cryosphere collapses
our Force Multiplied Y.cromo p'lice.....they killin Kenneth.
Deep breath...half speed /db1/2dp.....iss time....time to tell btt*/
brethtaking truth....to bff's/best friends forever....us 36 in TA3S3.
.....and Adrienne Rich died besides....go figgur......Jack Kornfled
read her to me first at my 1st 3 month Retreat....at IMS in Barre.

Amy also interviewed Pres. Nasheed ....and got Vick Nuland
condoning the coupe....like Honduras.....Haiti.....Venezuela.
db1/2sp......It was hard to watch....and not turn away.....
to what they do ...in my Name.
Like them Iss.reallies who wanna bomb Iran...like McCain was
Abel.....gottenyu.....chass v'challelah....where's the menschlichkeit.
Where are the Metta memes. Who can tell this as a funny story or thpbfs*
Iss needless narcissicism to turn away bng's step up show up
stand and defend.....deliver.
Am I om with my ;ommmies....it is what it is....I know....2112
is on the horizon of our species Event horizon....geologically speaking
we are aninstant away from self-fossilization....lawd forgive us we
know not what we unleash....Black Swans....Credit Events
Pepper Spray Lt. John Pike....at Berkeley....Tony Baloney in
Zuccoti Park.....those men are animals.....and only in 1984 could
they be called 'peace' officers.....they are lawless men....memes for
Iss hockey stick for honkie time....but we've ho'd this road before
....with Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. it was epithetical provocation
by racist sociopathics......channel the rage H/herbie....ImhA
gonna be different.....and h.i.c.c.c. white his Story as we know it
will be over.
E*/enlightenment or hiccc Voidal Irreality......elect herbie pearlman
,,,or tweedledum or tweedleream...O'bumma or Mitte the Shiitte.


  1. I have listened to your morning talk on 90.3 Good stuff!

    Enjoy the dream!

  2. I'm sorry to tell you that you need to go to the nearest hospital for the leftist deluded. You ignore all practicality and understanding of history. The planet will still be around one hundred years from now with more or less the same climate we have today. Back in the 15th into the 16th century we had a MINI ICE AGE when several volcanos erupted in Asia and Indonesia causing a blockage of the sun for several decades, so cabon dioxide seems to be at least in this historical real situation to cause a lowering of the earth's temperature and more carbon was put into the atmosphere than all of mans doing since the industrial revolution began. You waste your life spouting leftist nonesense. You'd think someone who has had the advantages of an HU education could have done something more with his life instead of kveching and grousing like you do.

    Sorry for this criticism, but my mother always told me if you only complian than no one will want to listen to you. People have to work and make a living this is not a senior seminar at HU where you can rail against Capitalism this is REAL LIFE where people worry about a roof over there head and food on the table. Maybe you should start WORRYING about such things instead of this NONESENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You once knew me years ago I sort of gave up on trying to get you to see sense, but I feel obligated to try one last time. I just happened to hear you on the radio the other day and checked out your blog. Your real name is more realistic instead of HERBIE. I hope you wake up some time soon.

  3. Well, it seems your still at the same old leftist deluded grandstand still directing your weird band of fringe friends and people who do not matter one bit......You do not think much of Obama that is to your credit, but against you is that your against him, because he isn't radical enough for you. Well again your vote doesn't matter much since Mitt is going to win anyway and AMERICA will get back to being the CAPITALIST country it was meant to be not LEFTIST loserville land. AGAIN GROW UP, BUT IT IS PROBABLY TO LATE FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!