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Sunday, March 25, 2012

"The mind cannot long act in the role of the heart."

The Luddites was right.....go figgur.
Monsanto has done for Eukaryotic alimentation
what Aids did for population.
Monsanto purveys Lysenko and Lyme science and iss
rumored they have the cure for Y.Chromosome dysease.....
so support Round up ready red.eye racially profilical raptor rapture.
db1/2sp....we Mcmerkins are exceptionalistically killing
habeus corpus and promoting patented gene gun freedom
proprietary en.waged climate freedom for the 1% hockey stick honkies
and they Hulk Hogan....yurts.
And hey if you want Posilac pus and the antibiotics that Rx mastishtik
mastitis....then eat U GMo'fo' and drink U Fukushima Koolaid
snort ur Strontium 90....and.....stfu

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  1. Like I said before. Wake up grow up see some common sense, but I'm afraid your common sense died a long time ago as your leftist diease took over. Again people have to earn a living not listen to left wing none sense.