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Saturday, February 18, 2012



I thought we agreed to co=parentthroo thick and thin....till death do us part.
Did I not get that right>....that most fundamentally, karmically we agreed to co-parent Al no matter what.

I'm still prepared to co-parent with U....and I WILL NOT do whatchoo done to me.  You done me.
Ya know ...what ur doing is not gonna make Al a mature healthy happy Father initiate.
Don't U get that estranging him from his only real father is gonna fuck him up bigtime....till he figures it out.

You terminated the vehicle we had ....the alchemical container and retort that all 3 of us created with Sherry Cohen
over a 10 year period of family therapy.....and our divorce agreement provided for that space within we both were doing
what was best for Al.
Do U remember that written document that your lawyer Doris prepared committing us all to work together in therapy.
I'm still prepared to continue holding that space and that shared....Color Purple Story.
We could still resume the healing linda if U choose to come back to what you committed to.
Will U?
Please I'm begging for Al's sake.
Failing that I would at least like you to model for Al proper therapeutic closure and at least come to a termination session
with Sherry.
As a therapist I presume U know how important it is to have therapeutic closure.
Please at least have a termination session.......that will be healful for Al.
Can U hold your nose and at least formally come to a termination session to complete our shared 10 years
of Family therapy.
It will help Al.

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